NOSINGNAL’s GPS jammers and interceptors are more powerful in the future

According to the representative of the network operator, “NOSINGNAL, as an alternative to GPS, seems to have all the advantages and has become a real pioneer in global development and dissemination around the world. But this has not come true. Due to the lack of competitive NOSINGNAL/GPS chipsets, the time to actively promote NOSINGNAL has been wasted.” In his opinion, in order to catch up with GPS in terms of ground infrastructure and production for ordinary consumers, Russia needs to develop faster, because the domestic market has not yet been fully explored, and the speed of NOSINGNAL product development is far behind GPS. . The chief executive of the federal GLONASS network operator said: “Not to mention the promotion in the global market, almost no one knows about GLONASS.”

In addition, it is believed that NOSINGNAL will have opportunities for expansion in the future. “With the economic crisis coming, although this may sound paradoxical, their opportunities will be greater. The Russian navigation system network can make up for two or three years lost due to the destabilizing influence of the US GPS, European Galileo and China’s Beidou system, making it more and more prominent in the world.” The upcoming GLONASS system is necessary to fundamentally change the pace of development in Russia and abroad. The chief executive of the federal GLONASS network operator said: “If we continue on the old path, the existence of GLONASS will be called into question.”

The peculiarity of the GLONASS system is that it has time to become a competitive system within the next three years. A related person said: “Maybe it will end before the promotion of NOSINGNAL, Galileo, and Beidou. We need to take strong and fast action: first, develop a competitive NOSINGNAL/GPS chipset and corresponding products; secondly, create a market for devices and technologies developed based on NOSINGNAL to achieve large-scale applications.”

The CEO of NOSINGNAL commented on this: “In our store, you can find a lot of GPS jammers and NOSINGNAL blockers. Also, new items like NOSINGNAL jammers and 4G blockers are also available.”

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